Ying Li, PhD

Ying Li

Dr. Li served technical leadership roles as chief scientist and chief technology officer in startups in the US and in Asia, after an extensive service record in Microsoft as partner engineer manager, general manager, product lab director, privacy officer, program manager, etc.. Dr. Li has over 100 patents filed/granted in the area of data mining, artificial intelligence, voice and speech technologies, machine learning, computational advertising, operating system performance optimization, program tracing, profiling, and analysis. She won the ACM SIGKDD Service Award in 2012 for her substantial technical contributions to the practice and application of data mining and for her outstanding service to the global data science and knowledge discovery community. She has served chair roles in over 20 international conferences. Dr. Li has been a community leader, contributor, and mentor to many colleagues and up and coming scientists.


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Jadranka Meed, PhD

Jadranka Meed

Dr. Meed is an award winning technologist with rich experiences spanning technical leadership roles in Boeing and IBM, co-founders of three startups, and academic engagements in University of Washington and University of British Columbia. She has built cutting edge technologies in the areas of computer security, operating systems, and data intelligence systems. She is a leader in the establishment and practice of system engineering transdisciplinary principles.  Dr. Meed received Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia, B.S. in Mathematics and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Universities of Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. She earned an executive certificate in strategy and innovation from MIT Sloan School of Management and received the Boeing Southern California Amelia Earhart Innovation Award. Dr. Meed also served as Guest Editor for a special issue of Computer Networks’ Elsevier, as well as chair roles for technical conferences including the MILCOM and the INCOSE.

Chong Zhu

Chong Zhu

Mr. Chong Zhu has more than 25 years of software development experiences. Mr. Zhu Worked in various environments and software platforms.  His experiences include more than ten years in enterprise software platform development with large teams in Amazon. It also includes many years in small but dynamic software development teams and various   environments and application areas.

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